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How can a marketing agency be effective without getting to know you and your business? The Strategy Session is a fact-finding mission and intense brainstorm session that will unite your team and find a path to success. 

Bragg Media develops a written document with ideas, strategies and campaigns that attract, engage and delight the audience you need for your business.

The Bragg Media team starts with an interview, where we discuss:

  • challenges,
  • business and marketing goals,
  • ideal audience,
  • company aesthetic, and
  • why your business is worth bragging about.

Be prepared to answer tough questions: Does your current brand messaging resonate with your intended audience? What do you want to do with your business? How involved in marketing do you want to be? What's stopping your business from going to the next level?

By the end, you will see your business in a whole new way — with new insight, new opportunities and new ways to identify your brand.

What's next?

After the Strategy Session, the Bragg Media team takes the research and the information to map out a Brand Workup,  a written marketing document for your business that your team can use as you see fit. Our ideas, campaigns and strategies are yours to keep. There is no obligation for a marketing retainer.

What does the Brand Workup include?

  • an overview of what you want to do with your business
  • what the competition is doing
  • how your business stands out from the competition
  • who your audience is and how to reach them
  • what social media platforms will benefit you the most
  • what PR opportunities you are missing out on
  • how to develop strategic alliances that could expand your audience
  • strategy you’ll need to meet your goals


The Strategy Session investment is included in the cost of the Bragg Brand Bootcamp. There is no obligation to go through the Bragg Bootcamp process. 

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